Afghan Kuchi Necklace


  • Image of Afghan Kuchi Necklace
  • Image of Afghan Kuchi Necklace
  • Image of Afghan Kuchi Necklace
  • Image of Afghan Kuchi Necklace


Original Afghan Kuchi cassidy bib necklace. This gypsy boho style necklace is a signature kuchi design, made in wide range of stone colors and in different levels of strands. Each of these necklaces involves high levels of skills and experience, as even copying one of these necklaces may take days for a unskilled person, but since these artistic people are making these since many generations, they are able to make a few in one day.

These are available in various stone colors, such as Mind Green Turquoise, Blue Turquoise, Red Jasper, Green Jade, Pink and also in a beautiful multicolor combination
Kuchi Tribal .

Kuchi: The Kuchi are tribes of nomads who traveled freely for centuries across the international boundaries of the Middle East and Central Asia. Their jewelry and clothing is renowned for its vibrant energy, exuberant colors, and creative spirit. It is especially prized by dancers, collectors, and anyone who loves tribal jewelry.

15% of proceeds will be given to Everyday Kandahar, a non-profit organization that helps families in need in Afghanistan! Click the link above for more information!

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Content and Care

Made in Afghanistan

Made with mix metal, real coins, glass
stones, and fabric for the necks strap.

Tribal Jewelry may have some missing beads or glasses, dangles, etc.
Please look at the images carefully before purchasing.

Handle with love and care.

Care for the world, while carrying a unique piece with you.

Image of Authentic Afghan Kuchi Chokers
Authentic Afghan Kuchi Chokers
Image of Roshani
Image of Aina Choker
Aina Choker
Image of Authentic Afghan Kuchi Choker
Authentic Afghan Kuchi Choker
Image of Gul Choker
Gul Choker
Image of Roshan Choker
Sold out
Roshan Choker
Image of Delara Fringe Choker
Delara Fringe Choker
Image of Mina Choker
Mina Choker
Image of Daryah Choker
Daryah Choker
Image of Shareen (double sided choker)
Shareen (double sided choker)
Image of Siya Vintage Afghan Choker
Sold out
Siya Vintage Afghan Choker
Image of ZAMART Scarf
Sold out
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